Ryuchu (Fan Art Portfolio) Valentine's Day Secret Santa Event!

Valentine's Day Secret Santa Event!
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So, in case you haven't heard, Sayura's hosting (and I'm co-hosting) a Secret Santa exchange for Valentine's Day! Sayura was busy working on the World containing said event, so I thought I would also do my best to help by throwing away my shame and advertising blatantly! ^-^

But seriously, you guys should all go join the event by clicking on one of the links up there (they're all the same; take your pick). It would please me to no end and I just know that you'll have a great time participating!~

Although this does stand mainly as blatant advertising, it is also a big "thank-you" to Sayura for being my friend through all these years. I decided to draw Gemma and Riiya for you because I'm pretty sure we met through the Kingdom Heart's section, either directly or indirectly through our OCs. Haha, that was so long ago.

Now that I've said that, time to talk about the actual picture! I used the crayon tool in SAI. I've done this once before, but I'm still very uncomfortable with using it. However, in this pic I think it creates a very cute and childish quality to the picture that I enjoy. With that said, this "cute" and "childish" coloring took far longer than its name would imply. -_-

Also, "Valentine's Day Secret Santa" really didn't roll off the tongue for inclusion in the heart (yeah, rolling off the tongue while typing. Makes sense.), so I just went with "By My Secret Valentine", playing off both "Be My Valentine" and the idea of a secret admirer on Valentine's day. Oh ho ho, I'm so witty.

So yes, the conclusion of this entire post is that you should go join the event because its gonna be awesome! :D

Hey, you took the time to high-light and read this spoiler! Yay! That deserves a prize! I knows just the thing. Hold on while I grab it...
Ah, here we go...

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Gemma, Hearts, Riiya, Secret Santa, Valentine's Day
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