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Finally I got done with this drawing! XD This is somewhat of an experiment trying out a new technique I learned, clipping layers. XD also I'm trying to get into digital painting.
Man it is so easy to use! I must practice using it some more! saved me so much time from having to clean up everything. XD

I'm not really sure what to say with this, it started off with Mundo holding a towel, but then turned into the idea of him as a boxer, but this looks more like an MMA thing since he's not wearing boxing gloves.
I was kind of embarrassed at first while working on this, but I went into my drawing zone and didn't pay attention to it as much, you should all know what I mean. XD
Once I was done with Mundo I became so unsure about what to do with the background, then the idea of this being some sort of poster came to mind and tada. XD
took me 3 days to work on mostly cause I was busy yesterday.
I used mostly Sai and photoshop to give it a touch up. : )

Pokemon Fan Art
gijinka, pokemon, poster, raichu, raimundo, toyotami
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