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Out Cast.
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"Where does one like myself belong when I cannot fit in, with such a grotesque face? Where can an out cast like myself go?"


Well another digital practice. XD I'm having plenty of fun doodling, and it's fun switching between Sai and Photoshop. XD

Um I am not having in problems in life, so this isn't a depressed drawing or anything, I just had a sketch of a character I have named Phantom around and I decided to draw him digitally. XD
I have drawn him before in this one page comic: X_O

Phantom's story is he was a noble man's son, and when he was a little boy, he got caught on fire and his face along with left side of the body got badly burned. His father became disgusted with him and disowned him. He locked him away to hide him from society and later sold him to a Ring Master who decided to make Phantom his assistant.
Since his father disowned him, Phantom believes that he is a monster that doesn't belong anywhere and shouldn't be seen. He wears a mask to hide his face. He acts like a frighten hurt animal when someone sees his face and he also has arsonphobia.
I'm thinking about doing something with him, so he might show up again with his partner Siren, maybe. XD

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disfigured face, out cast, Phantom, self pity, toyotami
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