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So about a week (=.=') ago I found a wonderful illustration that i believe have it's origin in the kingdom hearts manga, so I tried to get the same style to the picture and was fairly satisfied until i compared my pic with the other side by side.
I'll just go and vanish beneath the bottom of a lake now

And I was just thinking randomly the other day, and got jealous in the midst of it I guess, of artists that have like one show they like so much that they hardly need anything else to draw.
Portfolios filled to the brim with be it dbz or transformers fanart, or simply their own characters, it shows some kind of concentrated feeling i can't get to with my all-over-the-place fandom.

hrmhrm back on subject, I didn't include the big dark wing, that's sephiroths trademark geez tsk or rather i couln't quite fit it in the pic... (>3>)
Fun fact ~ my acrylis are cheap so the plugs on the containers breaks in half if you manhandle them too much.

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
Cloud, Hearts, Kingdom, Strife
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