Kairou Watoshimi (Fan Art Portfolio) Avatar TLA - Original Characters

Avatar TLA - Original Characters

From top to bottom, left to right:

Fu Long

A mysterious man who wants Avatar Aang dead for unknown reasons. Despite having just met Dong Hua, Fu Long appears to favor her over all his other comrades.

Li Dong Hua

An extremely powerful waterbender who lives in a small village in the depths of the Earth Kingdom until Fu Long recruits her into his group. Dong Hua has known she was a bender since as long as she could remember, never remembering a time where "water does not obey her" and was known as a prodigy in her small village. Having been respected her entire life Dong Hua easily develops a narcissist attitude. Used to praises from both her village and parents, she believes herself better than everyone else, looks down at them and refuses to acknowledge anyone else's powers. Although she's usually quiet and tends to keep to herself, Dong Hua is not afraid to voice her opinions.


Borned prematured, Zuzi was abandoned at birth and saved by Shi Hong. Zuzi is usually cheerful in nature and tries to see the good in everything and everyone and because of this he lacks what it takes to bend powerful, passionate fire but his lightnling bending skills has no rival. He looks up to Shi Hong as a big sister and will stand by her no matter the situation.


Meili is an extremely powerful earthbender whose attitude makes one think that she would make a good firebender instead. She allows her emotions to control her actions and leaves destruction in her wake. Meili prides herself in her beauty and will not hesitate to strike anyone down who dares insult her. Meili has little feelings for anyone other than herself and her brother Huan.

Shi Hong

An extremely powerful firebender and the first to join Fu Long's group. Despite her high and mighty attitude when one first meets her, Shi Hong is extremely loyal and kind to those she calls friends. Although she doesn't hate Dong Hua personally, Shi Hong considers her and Dong Hua rivals not only because of the opposing elements that they bend but also the "prodigy" title they both hold. She's extremely protective of Zuzi and thinks of him as a little brother.


Huan is the younger twin brother of Meili and the more level-headed of the two. He's an extremely powerful waterbender and is very percise and ruthless in his attacks. A single strike from him can leave enemies incapacitated due to the physical temperature of the waterbending attacks he uses. Like his sister, Huan has little feelings for anyone other than himself and Meili.


My main original characters for my Avatar: The Last Airbender doujinshi which you can read on DeviantART and SmackJeeves. The story centers around Dong Hua. This headshot collection is originally created for the character page on SmackJeeves.

Summary: One hundred years ago, Aang's life was spared when he trapped himself in ice. Now, months after the end of the Hundred Year War, an unknown enemy attacks and manages to fatally wound the Avatar. Just as he was about to die, Katara repeats history and calls upon the power of the moon and her bending abilities to encase the half-dead Aang in a block of ice. As she waits for the right moment to use her healing abilities, Katara did not know that her action had consequences no one thought possible.


Dong Hua, Zuzi, Fu Long, Maili, Huan and Shi Hong ---> Kairou Watoshimi

Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Art
Aang, Fu Long, Huan, Kairou Watoshimi, Li Dong Hua, Maili, OC, Original Character, Shi Hong, Zuzi
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