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Danni: "I'd love to see Hax in your style."

And it has. C:<

I really felt stupid this time around. OTL I merged all my "Pro"-Sketch layers down (something I NEVER do) into my Trash sketch layers. Pro Sketch is what I call that look. *points above* Its sketchy but holds the figure and color well. Trash sketch is 'skeleton' more or less with circles for joints and all that jazz So I stared at it for a good while. Then stared at the time. Because I have class later on today, I decided to leave it. So ooppss. Its messier this time around. I did try to go back in and erase my trash sketch though! Q0Q *wants some credit* lol

And then I ran into the problem of color. .__________.

Reading her bio only confused me more. "She is tan." How tan is tan? "She is blonde." How blonde is blonde? So I left on an adventure to look at previous drawings of her. I got distracted. =n=


I made her hair move in one direction at the top to match Tyes <3

I think its keyute. xD;

Her hair was fun. It reminds me a lot of Lunas (My OHC oc). Their hair is about the same length, supah fun~

On a side note,

I've decided to watermark everything now. Sorry Guys ;n;

On another side note,

I just hit 500 subs! I LOVE YOU ALL WHO SUBBED ME! <3 This year I'm aiming for 501! If I can make one more friend, its been a good year~

Comments/hugs/favs welcomed!


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