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Me... Genderbent
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Just finished this in time for fluffy sama fan's Genderbent challenge! I really wanted to enter *U*

Ok so this is me (the girl) and my genderbent self. I'd probably meet him on the frozen pond while playing hockey in the winter. I was thinking of having us meet while walking dogs but I figured that he'd be even more competitive and sporty then I am right now so hockey is where its at xD
Anyway, we'd be really similar in personality... I'm already really sporty and tom-boyish and his personality would be even more so. He's not macho but he's confident in himself and performing and focusing in competition becomes almost like an instinct. But when we first saw each other, we'd probably be shy and aloof but attracted to each other as well.
If we played hockey together, he'd probably beat me eventually but I wouldn't make it easy on him xD That being said, we'd never stoop to trash-talking or bullying each other. I think we'd understand each other and be inspired to improve when seeing the other one succeeding. So ya, we'd get along and be best buds!

Done traditionally with my good old Copics.
Please view in high-resolution!
Dedicated to the challenge creator! I can't believe there aren't more challenge entries cuz this was a really fun challenge :)

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