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Bilbo Baggins
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So this is the Hobbit.-Thorin Oakenshield

Another digital painting! I find that these realistic digital paintings are so tough to get into without feeling discouraged but once everything starts looking OK, then I'm addicted to working on it xD

I think this is my best portrait so far since I experimented with the brushes and I finally got the 'paint' look that I had been trying to create xP
Its Bilbo Baggins from the Lotr prequel The Hobbit (of course, if my painting isn't that bad, you will be able to tell who it is seeing The Hobbit is so popular xD) I thought the movie was ok, but it would have been better had I saw Lotr earlier :P

Dedicated to my friend Citrusstorm! I know you and Sushi love Lotr and the Hobbit so I hope you both enjoy this painting as well :D

View in High-resolution for best quality please :)
Note: I'm not going to be giving out copies of my art as often now unless the person who I dedicated it to wants one or only under certain circumstances.

Lord of the Rings Fan Art
Bilbo Baggins, digital, MangaKid, SAI, the Hobbit
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