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So this is it, my piece for this challenge...
We decided to draw Tony, Caleb and Rhage (from the left to right). Tony and Caleb belongs to Zuzu Uchiha and Rhage belongs to me.
Caleb is Tony boyfriend, hes a young werewolf, he has his adorable side and his bada$$ side.
Tony, shes a tomboy girl, doesn't smiling much, except when Caleb around. You can even see her blushing.
And my O.C, Rhage, what is their relationship? Rhage is Tony's big brother, a caring and a bit over protective. At first he always glaring at Caleb because he thought that hes too young, but when he saw Tony smiles around him... he pushed them to be a couple XD
But he still love teasing them until now. Ha!

Zuzu decide to draw the scene when Rhage glaring at Caleb and Tony glaring at Rhage.

My scanner doesn't work so I took the pic by phone, so its a bit blurry.
At first I want to draw a chibi but =w=" I messed up

P.S.: I'll try to post the colored piece before the time runs out

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Caleb, O.Cs, Rhage, Tony, Zuzu Uchiha
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