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Circe and the Swine
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In Greek mythology, Circe the Enchantress lived on an island and practiced magic via plants. When Odyseuss and his men stopped off there on their way home from the Trojan War, naturally Circe welcomed the sailors with food, wine, and the companionship of herself and her attendant nymphs. Then she turned them into swine, literally. Odyseuss hadn't fallen for her magic, having been given a magic herb by the goddess Athena called moly (which is where the expression 'holy moly' comes from.) Odyseuss gets Circe to undo her enchantment on his men, but in return he has to spend a year as her love slave in her private room and they end up having a couple kids. Odyseuss got into these situations several times, bear in mind. But the ancient Greeks would say that it was okay for men to mess around so they could have lots of kids; women had to be the virtuous ones. Personally, you'd think the Greeks would want to limit the number of kids for their great heroes because having too many heirs making a play for your stuff after you were gone would be problematic.

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