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Kaji (OC)
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My OC entry for Crimson-Rose's OC challenge!

Name: Kaji Makino
Male...Age:17...Height: 5'11"...Weight: 145 lbs
Appearance: (See above) Likes dressing in street clothes and wears a bandanna around his unruly hair.
Personality: Tsundere. Very emotional, shy, and responsive, but covers up his soft side by acting tough or macho. Doesn't like showing his emotions or getting really physical. Pretty innocent too. He can act rebellious and overly confident at times but doesn't like to show off ya right :P Very active. Seems aloof, but secretly is very passionate.
Extra info: Loves motorcycles. Has a pet ferret. Lives in an apartment complex. Is in a relationship. Likes to tease and take up challenges. Acts like he doesn't like girls sometimes, but thats only cuz he doesn't know how to act around them (XD).

His OC Universe profile: HERE
The first drawing I did of him: HERE

Thankyou to Crimson-Rose for the challenge!! :)
Please view this in high-resolution, I don't like the quality here >3<

Hope you all enjoy! I'm glad how he turned out... I tried some new things (9"x12" board for the traditional sketch and also a new brush on SAI for the paint!) <3
Traditional sketch in coloured mechanical pencil, then painted on SAI and edited on

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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