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Commission Information
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I've been posting this everywhere so I'll round it out by putting it here. 8D;

I would love to start taking commissions again, if anybody was wanting any. The above is the short and sweet version - if you're good to go on that, then please feel free to send me a message to get talking. The following is the very long answer to hopefully cover any loose ends:

Will Draw
My gallery is a representation of anything and pretty much everything I'm willing to draw. I'll pretty much take a crack at anything, though, even if you don't see it.

Won't Draw
A gander through my gallery will reveal I'm pretty clean, and I'd prefer to not tread too far off that path. Nothing over PG-13, please. If you have an idea that you're not sure about, just ask! My ears are open.

I saw (x) in your gallery and was wondering...
Everything's game. The sheet above is an attempt to give the best sample of my style of work, but there are things not on there either for the sake of room or I just might've forgotten about it. Again, all you have to do is ask (I'm very friendly, I promise!).

I'm most open to Paypal, however, I will also accept snail mail if such is the case.
And as mentioned, payment is due after the approval of the final sketch. In the case of a sketch commission, it will be due after the piece is finished, which will be posted upon receiving payment.

While drawing...
- Please have patience, as pieces may require research and the like. I also have general life things going on and my part-time job (at the moment). I'll be sure to deliver in a timely fashion, though.
- Any minor changes in the final work will be fine to tweak.
- Major changes will need discussion and possibly extra payment. Once the final sketch is approved, the piece is pretty much locked in (again, except for minor changes).

Do you do traditional art commissions?
I do and will gladly offer my drawing or painting services to you if you so request. Pieces done traditionally will have to be discussed on an individual basis and will also be priced as such. I like to think of this as the "I want to get a nice gift for my parents" scenario; I've done portraits of people and animals and even painted a mandolin (in the style of this piece). I merely avoid listing these on the chart because they are very personalized and are too varied to price consistently.

Any further questions or comments or death threats, feel free to drop in the comments or send me a note.

Personal Fan Art
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