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Like I said, I have pictorial evidence.

For anyone that has seen RWBY, you'll know exactly what this is, and for those of you that have not, shame on you go watch it immediately.

I realize it's not very creative, and it's merely Kiki in Ruby's outfit, but I also don't care because their personalities do match up on quite a few fronts and I personally love the outfit so I wanted to draw her in it.
The outfit was heavily referenced. I mean I looked at pictures and checked back and forth throughout the whole thing and it took me quite some time to complete it because I kept changing and fixing it until it looked as close to exactly the same as possible. The scythe itself was traced from another image being that I cannot draw straight lines and it is a gloriously interesting machine and I cannot draw machines to save my life. I do wish I had made it bigger but it was a quick sketch that I didn't want to detail too much.

Otherwise, Kiki's surprisingly good with a scythe. Especially a sniper-scythe like the one she currently has in her possession.
Her hair has indeed been cut because it seemed more prudent for monster-hunting duties to have shorter, harder to grab/snag-on-things hair. If anybody misses it long just let her know and she could put it back

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