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My Magical Mayumi
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Here is my entry for the Marysue contest going on here on theO I did a Brand New Original Character instead of a character linked to an existing anime... cause I kinda already have one * cough, cough*

so here is a bit of a Bio for her

Mayumi seems like your average high school girl at first glance, but with one exception, she’s next in line to inherit the throne as the new Demon Queen but first she must find herself a mate in order to become the next ruler of her realm.
On a school field trip a young high school boy unbelievably manages to damage an ancient tree breaking a barrier between the human world and the spirit world. Bringing Mayumi into his world and he into hers. Mayumi disguises herself as a student and attends school with the boy until she can find a way to bring him back even if that means by kidnapping in order to make him her husband.

Mayumi is a 17 year old demon who is sweet and mischievous as well as enchanting to the males around her, ever the looker she has her pick of litter when it comes to finding a suitor yet she decides on a human boy which causes some problems in the demon realm.
Mayumi was raised by her father, who is getting along in years and wants his daughter to find a husband to help rule the realm. Her mother had died when she was very young in a freak accident…
She has the ability to fly for a short while and even able to throw bursts of energy from her hands.

I don't know how mary sue she seems but I hope it was enough XD

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