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Kim, just... Kim
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This is for the challenge: Mega Mary Sue... it's not that good but I really like this character x3

This is Rena Kamel Misaki kara von Miteria Gala Kados.

Otherwise known as Kim.

She is 14, she has green hair (which she detests), red eyes, elf ears, and a weird birthmark on her left shoulder.

Kim was found on an old lady's doorstep when she was five years old. She couldn't remember anything, except that she was Kim. The old lady raised her, and Kim was happy in that farm village, until the woman who raised her suddenly fell ill and died. Her brother took Kim in, and beat her and made her work on the farm from dawn til sunset without any breaks. One day a stranger came to the town and recognized the weird birthmark on her shoulder as the symbol of the country Galastia.
So, without telling her 'uncle' she leaves the town she grew up in to find out who she is, and what the frig that birthmark was really about.
Then..(adventure, she meets friends, blah blah blah)
She gets to Galastia and finds every one who lives there is... immortal. And they hate it. They can't leave the town either.
She goes to a castle in the centre of Galastia, where she finds the Staff of Captivity, the Amulet of Release, and the Crown of Mysteries. Each has the same symbol on them as her birthmark!!!
Turns out she's the long lost heir to the throne of Galastia, and her parents had been killed by Hectron, an evil sorcerer. The Staff has the power to capture people's souls and keep them stored within its gem, the Amulet has the power to release people's souls and in other words... kill them. And the Crown has the power to see into people's minds and souls to see if they are impure or pure.
The ruler of Galastia has the responsibility of judging the souls living within Galastia, and sending them to Heaven or Hell when it is their time to die. The sorcerer Hectron is after Kim... to use her power to capture all the souls in Galastia and use them to fuel his power!!!

Kim loves the colour orange, and can rarely find orange fabric- it's strangely rare. She's also really shy, and sweet as a button. The guys in the village she grew up in were always fawning over her, but she was too shy to even talk to them! she has to rule a kingdom and defeat an evil sorcerer? x3

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Mega Mary Sue
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