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Yay! It's my second fanart, I'm so excited!

Mari's yet another character from my head, who I have only recently been able to get on paper and into the Percy Jackson-universe. Her history is a little spotty, but she's a work in progress, so I might post another her, but from the Heroes of Olympus side. Anyways, here's her profile:

Name: Marina (Mari) Demonian

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Weight: 97 labs.

Godly Parent: Poseidon

Fatal Flaw: Personal Loyalty (LOL it's another Percy...)

Weapon: Twin swords

Personality: She acts mean and cold and antisocial to keep both herself and other people from becoming important to her/others, due to the nature of the curse she's under, but she's actually kind of sweet, and protective of her important people, but she's also brutally honest.

History:When she was 10, Marina had a friend who pissed off both Athena and Aphrodite at once. To protect her friend, she took on her friend’s curse, even though her friend ended up dying from said curse anyways. After this, Marina tried to live in the mortal world while blocking everyone from her heart, but found this more difficult to do than said. After 2 more incidences, and then her mother died, she moved herself to Camp Half-blood, where she lived successfully until she was 13. However, an incident with the Athena cabin had her quickly leaving.
Having no where else to go, she found a small place where time flows differently, where she stays, alone, until she finds herself needed somewhere between The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. She knows of Percy's Destiny, keeping up with his life through bubbles, and part of the reason why he's had such bad luck is her curse.

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Mari, OCC, Percy Jackson, PJATO, yay!
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