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Even though I've been so busy, I didn't want to miss ChiPolVee's first challenge :) She asked for otakus to draw a picture that represents themself even if it doesn't look like them.

So I drew myself here surrounded by a wolf pack. First reason is because not only do I love and walk dogs for a living, I really respect the way dog and wolf packs work together and I like to do the same. I also enjoy being around animals more often then humans since I can connect better. I think energy speaks louder then words.
Drawing myself as part of a wolf pack also shows my disposition: I'm quiet, different, and independent, but also loyal and daring. And I always need those special ones around me who understand, support, and befriend me. Without my pack of dog and human friends, I wouldn't be who I am.

Pencil sketch edited on SAI and
The beautiful image that inspired me with the poses.

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