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Conquerors of Kalos
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finished this a long time ago but never posted XD forgot why though!!

here is my pokemon X team!!! the Conquerors of Kalos~ (I like to call them that~ >:D)
I tried to keep their proportions so that their heights would be kinda right XD
but I fear Xerneas is too small XD
I'll probably make a gijinka of them all, as I already have the Honchkrow~

Sharknado the Vaporeon (ok, stupid nickname XD I needed a powerful-sounding name XD XD)
Lax, Alert to sounds.

Honore the Honchkrow
Calm, A little quick tempered

Thranduil the Xerneas (come on, the name was a must for Xerneas!! XD)
Adamant, Likes to thrash about

Pendragon the Tyrantrum
Calm, Strong willed

Hywel the Aegislash (he looks so cute in here XD XD)
Brave, Thoroughly cunning

Morgan the Delphox (I wanted a female to call her Morgana, but Morgan is fine too! I got a female later :D)
Impish, Somewhat vain

thanks for reading and I hope you like!!!
also, I know the white background sucks ;/ I wish I could do better but I have no idea how to make it! any suggestion? thanks~

comments very appreciated!!! :D

Pokemon Fan Art
Aegislash, DeathSeraph, Delphox, Honchkrow, Pokemon, Tyrantrum, Vaporeon, X, Xerneas
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