The Mask (Fan Art Portfolio) Happy 20th Anniversary, Detective Conan!

Happy 20th Anniversary, Detective Conan!

This is my tribute fan art for the anime/manga franchise Detective Conan, as it celebrates its 20th year in the business this year. For this tribute, I decided to make a sort of a personalized manga cover for the series.

And to give this tribute a unique Filipino touch, I decided to dress Conan Edogawa up with the Barong Tagalog, a traditional Filipino attire usually reserved for important events and celebrations. The background image features the Rizal Park, a well-known tourist spot in the country that features the monument of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal. Interestingly, Jose Rizal and Conan Edogawa have some similarities with each other, but I'll probably reserve that discussion for another time.

Happy 20th anniversary, Detective Conan!

- Detective Conan is created by Gosho Aoyama and is owned by its respective owners.
- Official Detective Conan logo is created by Shogakukan. Scan acquired from (Source image: )
- Brick background image created by (Source image: )
- "Luneta Rizal Monument" image by H.abanil. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. (Source image: )
- Image program used: Pixia ver. 4.79e.

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anniversary, barong tagalog, conan, conan edogawa, cover, detective, detective conan, edogawa, filipino, konan, manga, meitantei, national costume, parody, philippines, tantei
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