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Tous Les Jours, Tout Autour
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Random French! I rediscovered this crazily corny SteGabe picture, and thought a French title would be a cute idea... don't ask me how to pronounce it, though, because I have no idea.
It is also likely that it is incorrect, so I apologize. I wanted it to say "Everyday, All Around"... BUT WHO KNOWS! Maybe a French-speaking person can enlighten me.

I drew this for my sister Afterglow, who told me she liked the sketch and gave me the idea to finish it. I'm glad I did finish it, because I'm pretty glad with the way it came out! :D These past two years I haven't been feeling very motivated to use my colored pencils. Since I've been in college, I've been really into goofing off USING MY COLORED PENCILS MORE, and it's a lot of fun. xD I feel like my colored pencil drawings used to be really light or unsaturated before because I relied on the white of the paper to make highlights, but now I'm starting to feel comfortable experimenting with colors and using the complimentary colors for shadows/etc. YOU KNOW, IT'S NICE TO SEE SOME SORT OF IMPROVEMENT OR INCREASE IN COMFORT AFTER THESE PAST TWO YEARS OF STAGNATION. :M Idk why I typed that sentence in caps, but oh well. TOO LAZY TO CHANGE IT! 8D

It's also really fun to look back on how different Stefan and Gabe are from how they used to be. good gracious why did I link to such a horrible picture I used to be more interested in drawing Stefan more acerbic (?) toward Gabe, and Gabe much more creepy flirtatious toward Stefan.
...I used the word "more" so much in that sentence. .___.
But yeah. I like to draw them on somewhat better terms, these days. Or something. IDK! WHERE WAS I GOING WITH THIS.
OH. I think I was trying to get at the fact that I like Gabe's expression in this picture, but idk how I was really going to get there. So here. I like Gabe's expression in this picture.

....Anyway, that's basically it. I want to rescan this because Stefan's knee got cut off, but my roommate is sleeping right now, so I don't want to fiddle with the scanner. :M Have a nice weekend, and stuff!

Dedicated to my sister Afterglow, because this drawing belongs to her. :u

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