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sorta procrastinating.... but I wanted to put some art up of young yume and Sessh and their families, as they will be making appearences in the next chapter to come. *Spoiler* I guess?

well all of em will be seen in exception to Sesshomaru's mother. I just threw her in here for the heck of it. and to show where Yume and Sesshomaru come from.

Here we have Yume's parents, Yukamaru and Settsuna. Yukamaru is a Dog demon and was a General in InuTaishos army. Yuka's armor is prone to change.
Settsuna is a wolf demon who was seen as an outcast among her wolf pack which she left to marry Yukamaru. And from the was born a little mutt, Yume.

Last row we have Sesshomaru's mother, No Idea what her name is, Couldn't find it. but she's definitely where Sesshomaru get's his personality from.
Inutaisho (Inu no Taisho) I guess is more of a title then a name but whatevs. ( I like it when you call me Big Papa) Sesshomaru's father... who we all know is a complete dog, meaning he can't have just one b#$ch. but i'm sure over all he's a good guy. Someone you would want as a friend and ally i'm sure. (He's how Yume and Sessh came to know each other as youngsters)

I'm sure if things hadnt gone to poop Yume and Sessh could have been meant to marry through a family agreement. but instead things are going the hard way, so they must learn to like each other all over again.

Yume, Yukamaru, Settsuna (c) me Reenigrl

Sesshomaru, Sessh Mother, Inutaisho (c) Rumiko Takahashi (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha Fan Art
inutaisho, Inuyasha, memories, reenigrl, sesshomaru, sesshomarus mom, settsuna, yukamaru, yume
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