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Luned Bengoch
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My entry for shadowkupkake's challenge ^^
My book is 'Luned Bengoch' by Elizabeth Watkin-Jones,
It's a welsh book unless you couldn't tell XD It was written in 1939 and it's a fiction, and the story is set in 1400's in Wales around the time of Owain Glyndwr and trying to be free of England. The character I have chosen to draw is the main character Luned. Luned is brave, boyish, and headstrong. And anything the boys can do she can do just as well if better than some. She would love to join Glyndwr's army. She was saved as a baby by grandmother and raised by her in a secluded little village.
During the course of her story she meets Owain, get's locked up in a tower by uncle, and her uncle later dies by sinking into a peat bog and Luend inherits what's rightfully hers. (<- very, very brief blurb XD) and she's dressed as a boy for a majority of the book.
Her best friend is a the local lords son, Rhys, and the nice thing about Rhys is that he treats Luned as his equal ^^ He has feelings for Luned and I think she likes him back but she wants to do her own thing first ;)
Her full name once she's learnt of her family and past is Luned merch Caradog ab Merfyn goch, and she's about 15 years old in the book. There is a few drawings in book but they’re hardly any of them of Luned. I went by the little description of her in the book and I went with an amalgamation of various dresses worn by people in that time. I wanted to give her freckles but I’m paranoid enough as it is that she looks like Merida as it is DX but I had un drawing concept art for her and I want to draw more! :D

It was a book I first red back when I was in year 7 (11 years old) and I really enjoyed it and I’ve enjoyed it again re reading it, it’s one of the few Welsh books I’ve red for myself willingly XD and it’s proved how bad my welsh is, (seriously it took me like an hour and a half just to read 20 pages, I got better though I read 30 pages in about ½ an hour, not as good as my English but better than at first XD) It took me so long to find this book again because it’s obscure and out of print (and I had been typing in the wrong name, Elen Bengoch . . . . what it was 8 years ago since I last saw the book and the names were similar-ish)
A note on the style, I’m trying to work on something more stylised so I can have a side style for when I want to draw fun things or concepts but I don’t think that worked ^^; well I’ll keep at it :D

Luned belongs to Elizabeth Watkin-Jones
Art belongs to me

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