Ellenor Mererid (Fan Art Portfolio) Hidden by the rain

Hidden by the rain
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This is for nikkeh09's Challenge ‘Weathery emotions’ and this is my OC Iven, in the rain trying to hide his tears, his head down so you can’t see his face, In his hand he has Lovell’s pendant, in this scene Lovell has had to leave Iven behind to save him and for the first time ever, Iven feels helpless and vulnerable and oh so very scared and lonely and he’s crying his heart out and trying to hide it, by closing in on himself and the rain helps hiding it and about a few seconds after this he’ll properly start crying and screaming and there would be a thunder and lightning to match with the crying and shouting. And the only thing he has left of Lovell is his pendant. But don’t worry everything gets sorted out ^^

I had fun drawing this, and I tried to make him look soaking wet and that it was tipping it down.

Iven and art belong to me :)
I hope you all like it :D

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crying, Iven, oc, rain
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Weathery Emotion
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