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Eye of the Lion (Cullen WIP)
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Well, finished Inquisition recently, and guess who I romanced first? You get three guesses and the first two don't count. Lol

Well guys, I'm not dead. Just been... A mixture of busy with getting ready to graduate high school (early graduate, bitches! ), helping my school create this super awesome exclusive website for the most creative students of my small school (the best of this exclusive groups pictures, art, or videos get posted, and there's a ton of different genres, and all of it's posted for the student body/world to see. But the site isn't really up yet lol), remodeling the kitchen and living room (yikes! But it's almost done now, and it looks so pretty), and ya know, plain old lazy. Bit of an art slump really.

Well, I've actually done things, since I got this awesome app on my 3ds. It's called colors!3d (think the sites called I've posted some stuff there. Think my name there is purpleninja816. Maybe. Idk, been a bit since I've been on.

But anyways! Back to the pic. Why did I do this? Why did I name it what I did? Simple, It's the sexy awesome eye of Cullen. I named it so because his full armor from Inquisitions suppose to resemble a lion. It's sexy is what it is. Lol I'm hoping to have all of his lovely face up at some point for all to see, but it might just stay his eye.

And now I have to switch my song. Way too depressing for what I'm doing now. It's "The Place Of All Fears" from the Inquisition soundtrack. Freaky song. My two fav songs from the soundtrack is the Orlais theme and "The Dawn Will Come". For you peeps who've played far enough into the game know what song I'm talking about with the last one. Goose bumps I tell ya. It always brings me back to that awesome moment when that song was playing. :3

Dragon Age (Series) Fan Art
Cullen, Inquisition
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