fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) Pokehoodie, GO!

Pokehoodie, GO!

Whoaaaaaa, my to-do list is finally starting to move LOL.

This is a piece I did for deviantArt that I sketched and traditionally colored, like, TWO YEARS AGO. I found it in my folder on this beauteous laptop and thought "HEY. I'M ACTUALLY A LITTLE DECENT AT DIGITAL ART NOW. WHY DON'T I GIVE THIS ANOTHER TRY?." Thus, this was born. Again. Hahah~

This is ME. Like. Everything. Minus that freaking beautiful sweater that WILL BE MADE. Whether I make it or I get a better seamstress to do so, it will be made and I will wear it and never take it off. Ever. Never ever.

But yeah. I'm a light dark-skinned girl with pretty curly, dark brown hair that I totally love, and YES. I do have a beauty mark under my right eye. It's not an anime thing, I actually have a small beauty mark xD That's why nearly all of my OCs have either a beauty mark or freckles~ I don't like to wear pants because I'm weird, so I nearly always wear shorties~ The only exception is when I'm wearing footie pajamas. Those things freaking rock, man. UGH. I love footies. Oh, and I'm OBVIOUSLY obsessed with the torchic evolutionary line LOLOL. I mean. Seriously. It's too obvious, especially if you visit my deviantArt page. Nothing's more obvious than a Blaziken icon xD

Also, I think it's safe to say that I really like polka dots pfffft xD

Welp, it's about 6:30am where I am and I haven't slept yet, so, as you can imagine, I'm disoriented like crazy LOL.

I go sleep, bye <3

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