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Username: Angel
Age: 15
Race: Neko
Gender: Female
Height: 5'
Weight: 120
Appearance: stocky, bigger breast size, nice round hips, calico cat colored hair pulled up in pig tails, twin tails, two toned eyes one blue and one green, tiny fangs
Outfit: red scarf, brown jacket over a black tang top over a white shirt. Black skin tight pants, brown boots, black fingerless gloves
Personality:She is loud and proud and loves to laugh. Nothing excites her blood more than a good battle. She really likes to win. She also likes to make others smile and isn't against being a goof ball to do it.
Class: Ranger
Fighting Style: close range
Weapons: A long sword and a dagger she keeps hidden in her boot.
Anything else: Beast Tamer, has a pet white wolf named Sebby.

Real Name: Gabriel
Real Age: 15
Real Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 115
Appearance: tall, lanky, slim, very androgynous. Has black hair that is medium length and curls at his shoulders. Long eye lashes. Deep honey colored eyes. Very feminine movements.
Bio: Lives with his mom and 3 sisters. He is the youngest. He is very flaming gay and loves acting like a girl. He especially likes it if he can trick people he has never met into thinking he is really a girl. Has a pet dog named Sebby (hence his pet wolf) Gabriel is very loyal to his friends. He is also very trusting of others. Do not make him mad though or look out! Because he is such a girly guy in real life he likes to make his female characters come off as strong and tough. He feels it helps him achieve a balance.
Anything else: he likes games, he likes to win, he likes to dress in drag, he also likes sweets. Loves strawberries. Hates sour things. He is afraid of being alone.

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calico, female, neko, RP, two tailed, Yuki
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