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Let's Take Them All Down
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A NARUTO OC collab with someone from dA! C:

Arai is having none of this shit, bro :V

To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with Arai, especially when it came to the fire xD It was my first time attempting to do something that looks like fire, but I ended up playing around with everything and then just left it as is xD WHATEVER :U I was also trying to mimic anch-u's coloring and shading style so that it could look like one person worked on the entire piece, but I just couldn't 8'D I-I tried, though!

I made slight changes to Arai's outfit that I'm not sure if I will keep. They're SO slight that I might not even remember them the next time I draw her xD She still has pupils, though :U Even though she's half Hyuga and has the eyes of one 8'D Someone give me a perfectly 100% solid reason why I should take away her pupils in favor of a complete Hyuga look! She has pupils because of the dojutsus (eyejutsus) that are passed down from her father's side etc etc. Thus, the Hyuga's see Arai's eyes as an impurity to the Byakugan (which she can do) blah blah 8D

I had fun doing this~ I hope to do more in the future! I want to get back into the swing of drawing my NARUTO OC since it's been almost two years since I've drawn her religiously 8'D

Ryuujin Matsuo + Background/Effects (c) anch-u on deviantArt!
Arai Takameshi (c) Me u v u

Naruto Fan Art
arai takameshi, collab, naruto, oc, ryuujin matsuo
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