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When the world makes you weary,
And there's no one to keep you company but your shadow,
I'll be your home,
Where you can always return to,
To find warmth from the world's cold wind,
Until you found another place,
To call your home.

My entry for this challenge.
I need to brush up my coloring skill so badly.
But on the bright side, I finally able to draw another fan art featuring these two. I'm so happy.

I choose Hei and Yin over my all-time favorite couple Kenshin and Kaoru(I've been wanting to draw them), because I want to make up for my previous Darker Than Black fan art that I messed up. I'm not very good when it comes to traditional art, the coloring and the lineart etc. But I want to try. And I'll probably be submitting more of them, sometime soon. And I probably need to change my choice of pencil color.

Darker Than Black Fan Art
darker than black, hei, kuro no keiyakusha, yin
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