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this is one of my four brand spankin' new OC's, Elowyn; she isn't from a story or anything like that, she's just someone i came up with recently *nod*...cause things attack my brain and i am helpless to the bombardment

  • Elowyn is an elf, of sorts; she has piercing silver eyes, long, wavy, light grey hair, and is about 5'8" with light blue markings on her body. She is quiet, easily annoyed/frustrated, she is very stubborn and not particularly good with words.
  • She is old-ish, though fairly young for an elf, i am thinking somewhere around 220. The other OC i created along with her, Sabine, is very much her opposite, however they are good friends. Although Elowyn would never admit that and tends to shove her off constantly, but people who know the two recognize that Elowyn treats Sabine as close to friendly as she gets. One thing Sabine tends to do often is basically attack hug her, which clearly irritates her, but she allows it regardless.

whelp, that's it; she isn't particularly developed, i literally created her around the name because i thought it was pretty; i added color for some reason, i don't know, sometimes things just suit it and usually they don't *shrug* ...DO NOT QUESTION IT

Elowyn belongs to ME, a.k.a, itsumademo on theOtaku/itsufer on deviantART


Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
character, color, concept, elf, elowyn, elven, grey, itsu, itsufer, itsumademo, markings, oc, original, quiet, silver, stubborn, traditional
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