Keya (Fan Art Portfolio) The Fallen Angel and the Demon

The Fallen Angel and the Demon
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Here's my entry for twilight tiger's challenge Fallen Angels. The girl in the front is my Black Butler Oc/fallen angel Alesana, and standing behind her is the well known demon Sebastian Michaelis. In most of mine and my friend Jassy's rps, these two wind up together. I used a few different references for this drawing but altered bits and pieces from each to fit what I needed.

Alesana is my fallen archangel who was exiled from heaven due to the fact she was marked by a very powerful demon though unbeknownst to her at the time. After recovering from her fall, she wanders the earth for centuries trying to find meaning to her life as a fallen angel. In the 1400s, she meets a human woman by the name of Emily and falls in love. Sadly, Emily is murdered a few years later. Alesana goes into a destructive mode, getting revenge for her wife's death then later tries to take her own life. She uses an angel blade (the only weapon known to kill angels) to crave into her arms, slicing from her inner elbow down to her wrists. All was to no avail. Alesana lives and continues wandering the earth aimlessly, until on one fateful day she meets Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. Due to circumstances (typically different in every rp), Alesana and Sebastian fall in love and years later have children.

Alesana (c) Keya
Sebastian Michaelis (c) Yana Toboso

Kuroshitsuji Fan Art
Alesana, Black Butler, fallen angel, Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian Michaelis
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Fallen Angels
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