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Dagur & Rae - At the End Of The Day
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(People wanted Dagur and Rae cuteness. It's a bit OOC, but who knows. Maybe behind closed doors? Anyway. Have diabeetus pic.)

Dagur had removed some of his armour to settle down for the evening. The day had been pretty uneventful, just sailing mostly. There had been no dragons in sight, nor any sign of enemies. He placed his helm down next to his other armour on a table and removed his arm wrappings until he was just dressed in his tunic, leather shirt, stuffed leather skirt, leg wrappings and boots.

Rae walked down the steps to join him below deck and smirked as she watched him lean against the table, a strange relaxed smile on his face. There was a slight smugness to it that she found amusing and she moved closer, allowing her hand to grab hold of his leather shirt tightly. He responded, not violently, or angrily, but in a calm way by snaking an arm around her back.

"So..." Rae yanked on the leather beneath her fingers so that his face was closer to hers. "What's the plan chief?"


Rae and art © Me
HTTYD and Dagur © Cressida and Dreamworks

How to Train Your Dragon Fan Art
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