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Stefan Pose Practice
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More pose practice, as the title suggests. Reference pic here. :m

I feel like it's been a while since I've posted any pics of Stefan on his own. :o Stefan used to be one of the easiest characters for me to draw, but since I've been drawing Lafayette so much, I've messed up the balance... he and Lafayette have pretty different faces, and it's gotten hard for me to tell whether I'm drawing Stefan's face too pointy or not pointy enough. -0-/ SO I CHEATED HERE AND CHOSE A POSE WHERE HIS FACE IS COVERED, HEHEH...

Actually, I chose this ref b/c the body looked a lot like what I imagine Stefan's body to look like. And practicing drawing backs is something I need to do, too... DRAWING!

I feel like I've more or less gotten the hang of soft shading. FINALLY...! doing the shadow on the same layer as the base color helps out. Now it's just a matter of me figuring out how to choose colors well. ;u;7 WEHEH.

ALSO, I'm back home now!!! I just have one more paper to turn in, and then it's ~*~SUMMER BREAK~*~ for me. :^) I'm thinking I should make a list of all the stuff I wanna get done over the summer... just know that I'm gonna be opening up commissions and an online shop, if you're interested. *U*/

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