SmallxLady (Fan Art Portfolio) My trainwrecks "trainers"

My trainwrecks "trainers"
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So...god I'm freaking embarrassed by these to. The happy one (would be blue if colored) is Varetta. The calm/weird one is Baretta (red) they are twins...with matching 90's anime bangs, spandex dresses, and god strike me down now, scrunchies. Yes. Scrunchies. Like from h 80's big poofy hair ties they kept their badges on. So everything matched from their appearances to their ultra ghetto names, down to their Pokemon. Both bulbasaur mind you but Baretta's was a horrible color swapped red bulbasaur. Now sense I've shared this much top secret information, I'll just but the last nail in my coffin here and tell you that after creating these girls, my best friend at the time and I loved them Soo much, we role played as them during recess every day...I always forced her to be Baretta because I wanted to be the younger sister. in eight year old Usagi's mind, this was absolute gold.

I'm going to crawl back to my nest of shame now...

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