Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) A Demon's fate - Jehu

A Demon's fate - Jehu
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Time spent (all together): 1 day to draw, 4 days of procrastination, 2 hours (or so) to color

Materials: #2 pencil, black ink pen, Crayola colored pencils (will get me some Prisma colored pencils one day)

One of the songs that played in My Windows Media Player while I colored this


Yes a Demon's Fate by Within Temptation was one of the songs that played while I finished coloring this drawing. It's a good and meaningful song. Seemed to fit Jehu/Yubel Johan nicely.

How Jehu/Johan fits the "supernatural" mantra is that Yubel is the demon that possesses Johan/Jesse's body, basically rips his soul out and seals him inside his Rainbow Dragon card, all so she can get her "revenge" on Judai. The thing is, none of this was fair to Judai because he had his memories sealed when he was young and just recently recovered his powers to speak to Duel Monster spirits/connect to said Duel Monster spirit world/in season 4 he harbors Yubel's soul within his own along with one other monster for a while, Honest.

Anyway back to Jehu, yeah I've been wanting to draw him for awhile. He's been nagging at me to draw him. So yeah, I finally drew him. I may draw him somemore in the future.

Hardest part while drawing this was definitely the lineart and trying to get the hair right. I basically referenced him from this screenshot and it wasn't really the best source because my drawing was a portrait and so I kind of had to guess on what his other arm was doing. So yes, he was actually very hard to draw, especially his hair because part of his spikes was cut off in the image I referenced from.

Coloring him wasn't too difficult besides his hair again. I'm not sure if I got the colors exactly right but I tried. I tried to make his hair darker than Johan's given the fact he was an evil persona/demon and not Johan himself. I really liked coloring the eyes because I got to do kind of a tye-dye thing. So that was intense. Tried some new shading techniques, liked how it turned out overall.

Overall Yubel Johan is a demon, or at least Johan possessed by a demon. He is evil, ruthless, and a COMPLETE opposite of our normal Johan. I liked his voice better in the original Japanese because no electronics were used to get the demonic sound. It was just Johan's regular voice with a darker tone underneath. And of course who can forget the Dark Crystal Beasts? Yeah, Yubel even goes the extra mile and corrupts Johan's beloved Crystal beasts.

Summary: Demon is Yubel who possessed Johan to get revenge on Judai because she "loves" him. I'm sorry but if she truly "loved" Judai, she would have listened to him when he said his memories were sealed away, but no, she caused all of the evil crap that took place in season 3 of GX. But hey it was a good season, there's no denying that.

Anyway long description was LONG. Hope everybody enjoys my art.

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