Shimozuku20 (Fan Art Portfolio) 2010 vs. 2017

2010 vs. 2017
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hello guys ^^ long time no see

first of all i need to apologise for not being able to upload anything lately...i was too buisy working..

Back then, in year of 2010 i drew this piece (that's propbably the oldest one i have) and the background was...that that's me :DD a girly girl.. i was always the type of girl who liked bad boys and older men, so i had a crush on a ''friend'' an older boy with an additude and partying every night..So sfter some time, we started kind of dating.. but i was too scared(or maybe even ashamed) to introduce him to my friends and family.. And that was why i drew this piece.. i still have it, because i uploaded into the internet years ago and now i found it.

i have never done such a draw this again meme with such a big time gap.I think i improoved..but yet, the drawing from now isn't what my 100% would look like... i got really unpatient and sloppy at the end (i do that quite often). but im exhausted.. so please dont judge ^^

you shimo-chan <3

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again, draw, me, meme
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