Judai Winchester (Fan Art Portfolio) Yuzu with Cute Baby Fox

Yuzu with Cute Baby Fox
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Materials: iPad drawing app, PicsArt for added effects

Time for draw: roughly two hours

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Well I finally did my portrait of Yuzu, the last one will be Serena which I will do sometime soon. Anyway let me talk a bit about this draw,

I wanted to draw Yuzu holding a cute baby foxy. That's basically it. The line art was a mixture of challenging to halfway ok if that makes any sense. The hardest thing in these iPad draws is that I have to put the colors down first and then draw my lines. I feel like with each of these draws I get better and it is easier so I can't complain a whole lot.

As I was adding the enhancements and effects in PicsArt I noticed I kind of gave it a spring kind of look so that made me happy. Overall I'm pleased with this draw. I loved drawing the little Fox. And Yuzu is wearing purple. I couldn't draw that pink outfit that she wears in the fusion dimension. While it is very cute, I feel like it is too matchy matchy with her hair. So yeah it's purple here.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the art. May also upload this to my Da account as well. Haven't uploaded anything over there in ages.

Dedicated to my friend PolarStuffings as a late birthday gift. I had to draw you something with a cute Fox because I was inspired by the cute foxes in your artwork. Plus you're sweet like a baby Fox. Anyway hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for. Being a. Good friend to me on theO.

Polar-chan, I can send you a watermark free version if you want it.

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
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