Groovy Boar (Fan Art Portfolio) Loki (provisional title)

Loki (provisional title)
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This it's the first of probably many enters of the Gotta Catch Em All! challenge, cause I loooove gijinkas!

as you may know, Loki it's my Seviper Gijinka. He's a thief and evil dwarf's subordinate.

I actually draw this for testing a new technique to draw leather in fact. Since I have many Ocs wearing leather I already have a personal way to draw it, butt it wasn't enough! I always want to try new stuff and get better.

I saw this technique on different artists draws when it comes to leather/shiny surfaces, and being curios, I wanted to go at the bottom of the situation trying it my way.

This technique it's a combination of different grays tones marker blending and pencil/white gel pen highlightning. It turned out quite bootyful in my opinion.

let me say it, being not used at all at blending markers (since I use them as a basic color layer only) my first attempt was terrible! what a disasster!
But since I always scan my clean lineart I just had to print it and start again.

You could say the anatomy looks wrong in this picture, BUTT! Loki it's a half snake and it's way more elastic and flexible than other so it could pull off this contortionist poses with no problems at all.

Tush-é, right?

Besides My Seviper don't want none unless you got buns, hun.

Dedicated to DeathSeraph since she's such a connoisseur and I'm sure she'll enjoy the anatomical asspects of the draw. (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)

Also she saw all the phases Loki went in since my very first draw/designing of him like all the other Gijinkas in fact, and believe me when I say my old drawings were painful to see. I've come a long way indeed.

Maybe I'll share some old stuff one day for the braves that will have the courage to watch those!

Stay groovy and also this it's not fanservice at all!!!


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