Groovy Boar (Fan Art Portfolio) Wings~ Cheap art challenge(?)

Wings~ Cheap art challenge(?)
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That's a draw I made using only* cheap art supply that I got lately, I took this watercolors in a prize draw that I tried with my mother for fun, and then when she told me, "why don't you try do draw something using only this?"

In that moment I knew that it would have been painful, but I accepted, and I asked her what kind of draw she wanted, and for my big surprise she said, butterflies AGAIN.
If you stroll trough my gallery and see some butterfly/fairy themed draw, that's for her, so unoriginal!
in the end for my mental health I decided to use something more than just those poopy watercolors and put some watercolor pencils and colored pencils too, both very cheap and not so good quality. (and this it's a photo since I couldn't even scan this, ah my professionality it's showing as always!)

I struggled for this draw, but not for the tools I used, but because I CAN'T use watercolors AT ALL! I felt so clumsy and inept while coloring because It was quite a while I tried that medium and for me it's very hard and it requires quite some knowledge on how the quantity of water influence the coloring, watercolors are just very hard to use personally (and the fact this isn't watercolor paper didn't helped much I don't own watercolor paper ._.)

So yeah cheap supply it's not the best to use, but the real problem here it's lack of practice whatsoever, and that's what happens when you do a watercolor draw every 6 months. not good. I should try harder.

*(actually I used just a tiny tiney white gel pen and that's not cheap at all, but I was desperate lol)

Stay groovy ;-)

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