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Moomins - Rae-Rae
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Zodiac: Capricorn
Occupation: Witch/Traveller
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Significant Other: Snufkin
Family: Hawthorne
Physical Description: Short-ish, red hair in two plaits, blue eyes, mischevious grin, green tunic dress over green vest, blue pants and brown boots.
Personality: Mischevious, curious, playful, friendly
Fandom: Moomins
Sexuality: Straight
Voice: Playful, mid-toned
Back Story: Rae-Rae is a witch that was brought up by her witch mother Jarna in the north. She and her mother became travellers after they were forced out of their home by witch haters and ever since they have sold their potions and remedies as they travel from place to place.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - Snufkin, new ideas, new things, trying said new things, magic, herbs, potions, cooking. Dislikes - really girly things, closed minds, witch haters, destruction of nature.
Favorite color: Green
Least favorite color: Pink
Collects: Herbs
Allergies: Juniper berries, water
Description of clothing: Green tunic dress, green vest, dark blue pants and black boots
First memory: Her mother smiling
Favorite animal: Owl
Least favorite animal: Cat
Element: Earth or air
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Blood type: Unknown
Special skills / talents: Natural remedies
Favorite food: Honey cakes
Mode of transportation: On foot or by magic cloud when in the company of friends
Weapon: Magic
Smells like: Witch-hazel
Where they live now: Moomin Valley
Makes a living by: Selling natural remedies
Jung Personality Type: ENFP
Bad habits: Using magic too much
Turn ons: Intelligence
Turn offs: Stupidity, ignorance, cowardice
Pet peeves: Noisy eaters, ignorance, cowardice, patronising
Outlook on life:Everything is an adventure
Most important person in their life: Her mother Jarna, or Snufkin
Personality as a child: Energetic, overly-curious and accident prone
Common first impressions: That she's going to be an evil witch
Nervous habits: Fiddling with her braids
Most traumatic experience: Being forced out of the home she was raised in with her mother by witch haters.
Ticklish: Yes. Very.
Instruments played: Violin/fiddle.

Moomins © Tove Jansson
Rae-Rae © Me

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