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He's Alive!
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This is my submission for TheDarkEclipse "I Am Summoning My Avatar" challenge.

I decided to draw Yūji Sakamoto’s Avatar but I changed a few things
-- I made his hair longer
-- I fluffed his tail
-- I mixed his coloring w/Mizuki Himeji’s’s

I watched the first two episodes to learn a bit about the characters to decide which one I would like to draw.
From those episodes I really liked both Mizuki & Yūji, however I don’t care for Mizuki’s Avatar’s armor/form and Yūji’s Avatar’s coloring is too plain for my taste.
I also like the characters as a pairing, so I decided to mix them together.

I think Yūji looks really good in pink =)

Since I'd never drawn Yūji before I used the reference sheet provided by TheDarkEclipse for the pose and was pretty happy with the result. I then picked up my colored pencils and repeated the process.
I even drew a background. Then I cut him out and now he's coming right off the page ^^

While I won't be finishing this series anytime soon it has been added to my watch list. I thank this challenge for that (prior to this challenge I'd not heard of the anime -- the manga has also been added to my reading list).

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