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Selena Singleton (OC #2: The Celestial)
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Thanks to Keba Si Rota for inspiring me to draw some more.

This is my second character for Keba's OC Poll and Countdown.

Name: Selena I. Singleton
Age: 27
The Celestial Mechanic
The Stargate Bounty Hunter
The Stargate Phantom
Too Cute to be a Pirate
Occupation: Mechanic; Bounty Hunter
Height: 6'0
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Violet
Normally wears a tee-shirt under a flight suit during mechanical work.
Outside of flight and mechanical work, she typically dresses in business casual attire.
Cold and stoic
Ponders about things that nobody seems to care about
Focused but has a tendency to take unnecessary risks when in stressful situations
Selena normally doesn't let others know about her past, but there is much beyond her cold exterior. She was the 3rd of 9 children raised in a gang-infested, crime-ridden neighborhood. At age 10 she ran away from home and took shelter in a mechanic's shop. The manager let her stay there and would sneak her food and clothes. He inspired her to do well in school and even taught her about operating on weapons, engines, cars, spaceships, and the like. When she turned 16 she learned about the Phantom Privateers and after spending some time in the military she pursued the dangerous yet rewarding career of becoming an intergalactic bounty hunter.
Initially she was turned down by the captain but later convinced her to let Selena in after presenting an entire hangar of newly designed ships for their crew to use.
Since that fateful day she made a name for herself as a skilled pilot and a fearsome bounty hunter.
Occasionally she goes home and counsels a boy who struggles to find his way in the same dilapidated state she was in year prior.
Selena is a gym junkie.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
Mechanic, OC, Pirate, Space, TDE
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