TheDarkEclipse (Fan Art Portfolio) Jinosuk'e (OC #3: The Evil Emperor)

Jinosuk'e (OC #3: The Evil Emperor)
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Thanks to Keba Si Rota for inspiring me to draw more.

This is my 3rd OC that I have thought about using for Keba's OC Poll and Countdown.
P.S: I've made some adjustments to this character

Name: Jinosuk'e (It's supposed to mean "Destructive Man" in an imaginary language)
Age: -Does not abide by the laws of time-
The Half-Crowned King
The Living Nightmare
Evil Incarnate
Scourge of the Golden Vein
King of Catacombs
Occupation: Conqueror of Worlds
Height: 5'7
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Varies from yellow to black to blue
The Half-Crown is attached to his head, but primarily wears a black jumpsuit that has tattered ends on the sleeves and the ends of the trousers
Also has the Scourge creating a visible black vein in his chest and on his arms. His left arm is transformed into a Conduit and appears like a prosthetic. The physical body he has is also a dull grey and has many deep cracks in the skin, and instead of feet he has demonic hooves.
Savage and Sadistic
Unrelenting and prideful
Far too overconfident but calculating and ingenious
Jinosuk'e was the 666th clone of Kile, and his genetic code was disrupted by all of the negative energy his predecessor was trying to banish. After his creation he knew that he was incomplete and sought to take revenge on his original self by waging a worlds-wide war against Kile and the other clones. He came to develop his own powers based on the Golden Vein, even though his heart defiled it. He named it his Reach and used it to swallow worlds and create ravenous catacombs that would simultaneously imbalance the natural order and become a conduit for him to gain more power.
With these powers he has travelled through time and space while trying to defeat his foe. He has done what he could to take Kile's memories, his powers, and torture/kill his friends in front of him.
Jinosuk'e eventually was killed when Kile took all of his powers, but only ended up using his corpse to power up another being created by his Reach to fight for him in his absence. After that, he managed to fuse with other demons and make the same attempts, but it only managed to dilute his existence until he was no more than a single cell in a mass of corruption.
He stole that giant lance from a minotaur that he killed with his bare hands. After stealing it, he made some modifications to it such as attaching a mace and very thin strings that he uses to manipulate it from a distance.

This villain that I made is not very well-written, so I want to add more depth to him.

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Demon, Emperor, Evil, King, OC, TheDarkEclipse
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