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Nan iChir Gelair Mordor
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Another fanart! Could anyone believe, it's April and still no Pokemon gijinkas from me? (Actually have some that I didn't post XD)

This time, it's from the game Shadow of Mordor and The Silmarillion book.
In the game, you can complete a wall with shiny glyphs (Ithildin), and I wanted to copy it because it's very pretty , but then I realized that Celebrimbor (the guy in the middle) looks so sad? He's badass, so I decided to draw a similar Ithildin wall with him being serious and fierce, surrounded by important things and people in his life!

Explanation, I'll try to keep it short (XD):
Celebrimbor is the one who made the three Elven rings, as opposed to Sauron's nine (men) and seven (dwarves).
Under the three rings, there's Sauron (in armor) and Annatar (still Sauron, but in his attractive form? That's how he was shown in the game), trying to bring Celebrimbor back to him. (Too long to explain, I will gladly write it if it's requested, though)
On the right, there's a dwarf, Narvi, a great friend of Celebrimbor (they made the Doors of Moria), and Galadriel, whom he loved but was not returned, so she is shown leaving. Above them is the Elessar (aka Arwen's pendant), that he made for her (I decided to draw it not exactly like Arwen's but like it was described: "an eagle with its wing spread, holding a leaf-like green gem").
Around Celebrimbor, there are the Nine Rings of men, and behind him is Feanor's house crest (Feanor is his grampa).
The elvish is Sindarin, written in Beleriand style like in the game. The phrases are "Nan iChir Gelair Mordor, Ivab Gelebren, I Achorta Ivorn" (I am the bright lord of Mordor, the silver hand that drives back the darkness) and "Mi chand eMorchir, natha le calad arphigad. Nin Gostatha Gwaith, ban a gellatha" (Couldn't find a good translation :/)

Celebrimbor and Annatar's design are from the game Shadow of Mordor.
Sauron and Galadriel's design are from the Lord of the Rings, same goes with the rings.
Narvi is how I imagine him, since there is no real description of him..

And this is all!
Ah, done with nail art brush and silver metallic ink from a marker whose tip had dried out XD Long story short: It took a long time and some parts of it don't look perfect but I don't care, this is my new son and I love it. I hope you like it too~!

Thanks for watching and reading, if you even got this far and didn't get scared by the explanation XD

Lord of the Rings Fan Art
Annatar, Celebrimbor, Dwarf, Elessar, Elf, Galadriel, Narvi, rings, Sauron, Shadow of Mordor, Silmarillion, Tyelpe
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