Judai Winchester (Fan Art Portfolio) Thief King Bakura (Kh style ver.)

Thief King Bakura (Kh style ver.)
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Reference Used: (X)

Materials: Sketchbook,pencil,ballpoint pen (black),colored pencils,iPad (to take picture), Photoshop

Time Completed: 2ish Hours (IDK but it took awhile lol)

Featured Character: Thief King Bakura

Style Attempted: Kingdom Hearts/Nomura style


This is my entry for Lileeboo's challenge. I attempted to draw Thief King Bakura in a Kingdom Hearts/Nomura style. This was a bit of a challenge for me regarding the eye, proportions, and just making sure everything turned out ok. I used an image of Riku as a reference as his appearance is similar to that of Bakura. Bakura would look kind of like Riku except older and more badass. ALthough Riku is my favorite KH boy but that's besides the point...^^;


As some of you guys know, I do love Bakura, he's become one of my favorite YGO bois ever ever since rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Thief King Bakrua is an uber badass. Although he plays the role of a misguided villain who suffers from a bunch of trauma, I find him to be one of the characters I relate to the most (besides Judai from GX and possibly Yusaku and Takeru from VRains) because he's stubborn, hard-headed, determined, and calculating, all of those things I've acquired in recent months/years due to life experience.

In my headcannon, he's reformed and living among civilian life in modern times along with Ryou Bakura.


Started out with pencil, traced over my lineart with a ballpoint pen when I was happy with my work, then erased the pencil so I could cleanly color and shade my work. The most time consuming was coloring this, trying to shade just right, and making sure he had enough dimension so he didn't look flat. I am actually happy with how this came out overall. It was definitely a learning experience and I discovered I can draw another style if I so choose. Plus any excuse to draw Bakura is good enough to me. Haha

Also attempted a background because I didn't want just white. I'm honestly not very good at backgrounds much anymore. I did try though.


Anyways, enjoy the art. Had fun working on this. :)


Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
bakura, mountains, sunset, thief king bakura, yu-gi-oh duel monsters, yu-gi-oh!
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