Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Purpleshipping Family Portrait

Purpleshipping Family Portrait
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Figured I might as well upload this drawing here too. Reason for the frame is to make it kind of like the portraits that appear in the Umineko visual novels. Rika's pose for instance was inspired by Beatrice's. I drew Tweedle Dee and Dum with their wife Rika/Bernkastel and their two children, Akito "Aki" Furude and Asahi "Asa" Furude. THey are two twins born to Rika, Dee and Dum.

Asa (boy with red eyes) likes weapons like his dads, reading, playing games, coffee, and tea. He's a bit of a soft spoken boy and likes to keep his long bangs out of the way with two hairpins like his dad, Dum. He favors the colors blue and green.

Aki (girl with blue eyes) enjoys reading as well as tea, playing games, pretending, telling stories, drawing, and archery. She's adventurous and curious like her adopted grandmother, Alice Liddell. She also wears a red dress similar to that of her adopted grandmother except being red with similar ring like designs on the skirt and sleeves but without the pinifore (apron). She favors warm colors like red. She likes to wear her long hair in a side braid, similar to that of Dee with his ponytail.

Both children also have some magic abilities due to Rika being part witch. I had fun creating these two kids.

Enjoy the art. Also Umineko is one of the best stories I've ever read so far.

Alice in the Country of Hearts Fan Art
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