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Not-So-Bad-A-Dad of the Year
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This is for Kita Mikichi's challenge, "Parent of the Year Award". I haven't actually seen many animes or read many mangas, so at first I was stumped about who to draw. But she also mentioned cartoons. That, I can do!

Right away, I was just going to draw Dr. Doofenshmirtz as a jokey sort of picture. But as I was looking for reference photos, I was reminded of how worthy he actually is of this award. He might not always do what Vanessa wants him to do, but it's touching how hard he tries to make her happy, especially when you remember how rotten his own childhood was. He had to host his own birthday parties, and nobody came either, so he made hers as over-the-top and spectacular as possible, even if it embarrassed her. He spent ten years roaming the internet to find a discontinued doll that she really, really wanted. He also tries to be cool so he doesn't make her blush around her friends. He's honestly a great dad!

I kept waiting for a chance to get this picture to my brother, who has a proper scanner, but time dragged on, and I got impatient (and better at taking pictures), so I just buckled down and posted it. Enjoy!

Phineas and Ferb Fan Art
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