Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 13th: A Tall OC

OCtober 13th: A Tall OC
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The people of Silen Fah tell of the making of the world, how Clever Grandfather and Good Grandmother made everything from the objects in their pockets, and how they made the people of the world from the earth, the trees, the stones, and the grass. But legend also tells of a people made from precious stones, and how they were so powerful, they got out of control and had to be banished, by the Grandparents, to the depths of the earth. Now that legend is fading from memory... but few realize it was true. That race still lives, deep in the heart of the earth, among the caves, the dragons, and the lava pits. Impervious to blade or fire, they live by their fists, beating the other under-creatures into submission and servitude to them. They are the Krahmen.

Mochrar is very likely my tallest OC ever, standing at 8 feet tall. The strongest son of his tribe's last chief, he pounded his brothers into submission before either fighting or marrying his way to the top of all the other tribes. Now king of all seven tribes of the Krahmen, he's looking at the surface and wondering if there's more to conquer in this world....

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Antagonist, Boss, Challenge, Chief, Krahm, Krahmen, Merfaen, Merfaen tiz Ornaru, Mochrar, Mokrahmen, Muscles, OC, OCtober, Original, Ripped, Silen Fah, Villain
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