Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 21st: With White Hair

OCtober 21st: With White Hair
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Today's OCtober challenge is "An OC with white hair". This is Chingka, a neko mata and the main antagonist from a less-well-developed story of mine called The Great Pizza Treaty. Basically, I read a kiddie art book about Japanese mythical creatures and used solely that information to create most of the characters, and then I had the plot revolve around the main characters' love for pizza. XD It was about a group of friends who went off to save the world, and along the way encountered many, many odd creatures and situations. The main character ordered a pizza in the first chapter and two fu dog puppies were dropped off with it. On their quest, they meet a band of kappas who agree to help them in exchange for pizza, hence the name of the story. The love interest turns out to be a kitsune somewhere down the road, and in the end they manage to change Chingka back into a normal kitty using the power of friendship, or the love of her former owner, or some silliness. I haven't drawn any of these characters in a long time; it was kind of fun to blow the dust off, even if I never plan to do any more with their story.

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Bakeneko, Cat, Catgirl, Challenge, Chingka, Forked-Tail Cat, Great Pizza Treaty, Monster Cat, Nekomata, OC, OCtober, Original
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