Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 23rd: With Animal Ears

OCtober 23rd: With Animal Ears
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Today's OCtober challenge is "An OC with animal ears". This is the Old Sarn, a character invented for my many Fire Emblem stories with @crazyoldreb . He's one of the laguz, the people who can change between their human form and an animal form. The kind of animal depends on which tribe you're from. The Old Sarn's father was a hawk man and his mother was a lion woman, so he's... some kind of griffin? He's the retired king of Phoenicis, but still bosses around the current king, his son Tibarn, like he's still in charge. X) The shorter guy on the left is Lugrezia, the king of Serenes and father of all surviving heron laguz. (Okay, we know his canon name is Lorazieh, but we forgot it for awhile and by the time we figured it out again, "Lugrezia" was stuck. At least we're not still calling Rajaion "Rheginsea".) Lugrezia and the Old Sarn are best friends. Their relationship mostly consists of constant insults and frequent games of chess, which usually involve a lot of cheating. ("You can't move your pawn like that, you knucklehead!") Good times.

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Challenge, Father, Fire Emblem, Grumpy, Hawk, Heron, King, Laguz, Leanne, Lion, Lorazieh, Lugrezia, OC, OCtober, Old, Old Sarn, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Rafiel, Reyson, Sarn, Tellius, Tibarn
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