Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 27th: Unusual Eye Color

OCtober 27th: Unusual Eye Color
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Today's OCtober challenge is "An OC with an unusual eye color". Kyrck has a lovely dark purple hue - which isn't unheard of among his father's people, the fien, but it is fairly uncommon.
Mochrar has been planning an attack on the surface for a very long time, and has occasionally sent scouting parties up through painstakingly carved tunnels, to get a feel for the lay of the land and what the surface dwellers were like. They captured Kyrck by mistake - his mother was taken while pregnant with him, but she was so early on that nobody knew it, not even her. They wouldn't even have kidnapped her, except that she saw them and they were supposed to be on a stealth mission.... Since she couldn't very well be sent back home to tell her family about the Krahmen, Mochrar kept her as a handmaid for his wife. Kyrck was also employed in the household when he was old enough. Not knowing anything about the surface, except what his mother tells him, Kyrck doesn't really mind being stuck underground and has made good friends with his captors... really good friends in one case.

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